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A Letter from John.


I was recently asked what would I say to my younger self now that I am running three large successful companies and continuing to grow as an entrepreneur. This question made me reflect on something a wise person once told me: Don’t wait for buy-in.

At first, some may think that sounds drastic, but collaboration is a must for decision-making. In my experience, growth takes vision, and sometimes building that vision before one can see it, is imperative to fully understand the scope of what can be accomplished.


With all my companies whether it be JACMAR, our real estate portfolio, Shakey’s, or of course, Trophy Room LA, the vision started with one person amplifying the potential and the direction. True leadership starts with a vision and allows others to align and collaborate to ensure its success. I am humbled and grateful to the person who gave me this advice, and to all who continue to help our brands grow and thrive. It takes many to see a vision.


On that note, I welcome you all to the Trophy Room LA of this season, where you can see a glimpse into my vision for an extraordinary space. A space where people can create, enjoy and live life to the fullest.


Don’t wait for buy-in – we will see you there. 


Best Regards,

John Tilley

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