In voice and in media, we must get clients to emotionally connect to the sexy feeling of a timeless 1920s-1940s nostalgia and the feeling of rich familial history conveyed by Trophy Room, and get them to want to be a part of that. We must get clients to see themselves and their vision in the backdrop of our space. We do this by showing the various aspects and details of the space and also how they can customize it to meet their needs.

With our commitment to understanding our clients needs and pairing them with vendors to help facilitate an effortlessly beautiful experience, having clients involved directly in images and videos showing our vendors interacting with them helps reinforce this message.

Telling stories (sharing case studies) that show events evolve from idea to execution will convey one of the major key-benefits of working with Trophy Room, being that we are easy to work with and treat our clients’ events and productions as if they were our own. We can consider including videos/reels of this process as well.

Working with other local companies and vendors is a great way to cross promote brands, especially in social channels and blogging. This also highlights Trophy Rooms involvement in the community and the power of our network to support our clients needs. Whatever they need, we’ve got a connection or a solution.